We are a boutique custom research firm that specializes in enabling global transactions, capital raises, investments and strategy formulation-to-execution.

Our approach is to thoroughly understand your project goals, develop tailored research methodologies to meet those goals, and execute those with maximum efficiency.

Our clients engage our services for the following reasons:

Comprehensive support for global M&A and capital advisory transactions: sourcing and origination, financial analysis, diligence & valuation, business development and marketing and documentation.

Support across the entire investment lifecycle: fund raising, pre-deal research, deal evaluation and diligence, portfolio company management and exit.

Actionable intelligence to fill data gaps and analyze data on markets, technologies, competition and customers. Dedicated research desk to regularly monitor and track data for new threats or opportunities. 

Enabling asset managers ideate, execute and manage investment portfolios. Support across various asset classes and investment themes.

Institutional quality support to the sell-side to screen, initiate and maintain coverage and client communication. Actionable equity and credit research.

Free up time for revenue generating teams to focus on client-facing activities. Receive support on revenue enablement and strategy.