Execution Team

We have meticulously designed our team structures to provide dedicated points of contact for daily operations and strategic discussions. This streamlined approach ensures efficient communication, fosters proper quality control, and enables us to deliver service excellence. Our client-facing teams are supported by an internal framework that strictly adheres to best-in-class measures in compliance, information technology, and operations. 

Layered Execution Team

Vice Presidents: Our VPs bring the expertise and prowess of Bulge Bracket & Big Four to the forefront. Leading our execution team, which consists of talented Associates and Analysts, they drive the successful implementation of projects. Beyond their extensive experience in financial consulting and investment analysis, our VPs are actively involved in talent management and development, ensuring the continuous growth of our team. With a sharp focus on enhancing client value, they serve as the crucial link between our clients and Custom Research Partners, guaranteeing the delivery of exceptional results.

Associates: Our Associates are a dedicated group of professionals who bring a wealth of experience from their backgrounds in equity research, investment banking, and strategic consulting at leading global firms. This team comprises individuals with diverse qualifications, including MBAs from prestigious business schools and designations such as CFAs and Chartered Accountants. With their specialized knowledge and expertise, our Associates are well-equipped to provide you with valuable insights and deliver optimal financial solutions.

Analysts: Our Analyst team comprises some of the brightest minds sourced from top-tier institutions worldwide. With backgrounds in management, finance, economics, and engineering, these talented individuals bring a diverse range of skills and perspectives. Our Analysts undergo comprehensive financial training programs, allowing them to work seamlessly across sectors and deliverables. From profiling potential investment opportunities and building intricate financial models to crafting compelling investment reports and presentations, conducting meticulous public comparable analysis, and preparing comprehensive valuation pieces, our Analysts showcase their analytical expertise and consistently deliver exceptional outcomes.